Uncle Jim & Aunt Mary Nelson

This site contains a collection of articles written over the years as Mary and I dealt with our own battle with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).  There is a lot of us in some of the articles, and you will learn more as you read some of them, but you should be aware that we have been there.   We are not medical professionals.  Far from it.  However, we have survived many years of the advancement of my personal disease, my diagnosis and subsequent gradual deterioration in lung function, our decision to pursue a lung transplant and the related testing and ultimate surgery.  

     We have been there, we are still there, and I truly hope that some of my writings will help you deal with your own battles.  We have traveled all over the United States and to London to present at Lung Disease conferences.  We have dedicated our lives to spreading awareness about lung disease, to educating patients and caregivers, to working with medical personnel.  We have been called inspirations.  That is a wonderful compliment to receive, and we are humbled by it.  I hope that we can also earn your trust. 


     Mary and I are not physicians.  Far from it!  While we have spent many hours in the offices of medical professionals, in Emergency Rooms, hospital rooms, and various places in between, we are in no way qualified to issue medical advice.  We can, and do, offer advice on getting through the day based on our many years of experience as a lung disease patient and his caregiver.  However, what has worked for us  may or may not work for you.

     Before you decide to change your medical routine or treatment, PLEASE check with your Pulmonologist or other Doctor.  Everyone's situation is different.  

     As stated, this is a compilation of articles that we have written for various publications, classes, and online support groups over the past years.  That being the case, please expect to see a degree of duplication; that is, many of the writings were meant to be self-contained.  They necessarily contain a bit of our history in order to give the potential reader the impression that we actually knew what we were talking about!  

     If you find yourself reading the same information about us repeatedly, just be nice!  Smile and nod knowingly, and read on with the satisfied feeling that you know more about us than the average reader.

     If you notice a conspicuous absence of information that would be useful to other readers, please let us know.  Same goes if you catch us saying something that you find totally incorrect!  We try to be as accurate as we can, but again we are just a patient and a caregiver that like to help out others who may find themselves in a similar position.  


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     One of these days I will tell you the story about the Blue Chicken.


     Uncle Jim