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December 19, 2016

I read a little thing on Facebook that made three statements…it had to do with the pursuit of happiness.  It made three statements, based on the assumption that there were three requirements:  time, money, and energy.  You of course will immediately argue that there are all sorts of other things that enter into seeking happiness, but for our purposes, we are only talking about those three.  Bear with me.

When you are young, you have the time and the energy, but not the money.

When you are in the middle years, you have the energy and the money, but not the time.

When you are old, you have the money and the time, but not the energy.

Simplistic, to be sure, but those three statements have a ring of truth to them.  There are always exceptions, and it is one of those exceptions that I want to talk about.  We all know people of advanced years who don’t seem to fit the mold.  That is, instead of sitting around whining about their assorted ailments, becoming more and more a part of the furniture as the years go by, these few geezers seem to be in constant motion!

They can be seen out and about, walking or riding their bike, volunteering for everything in sight, helping others to get through their lives.  They may be looked upon with varying degrees of admiration or wonderment, but they have one thing in common.  They are, as we pointed out above, constantly in motion.  Could there be, perhaps, a relationship here?  Could their activity level keep them strong, agile, physically capable of doing all of the things that they do?  Could the same thing be said about their mental state?  These people tend to be cheerful, optimistic, and generally pleasant to be around.

So, and you knew that I would get to this eventually, exercise can be incredibly rewarding!  The more active you are, the more active you will be able to be.  Exercise is hard, sitting on the couch with the remote, like a large, untidy lump is surely a lot easier, but just how do you want to spend the rest of your life?  Please think about it. 

I cannot help you with the money part….


Uncle Jim


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